In November 2016, Belgrade and Skopje hosted the NGS Seminars in collaboration with Vivogen and Biosistemi Skopje companies, as part of Biosistemi Group and under the professional guidance of Thermo Fisher’s specialists Mr. Minas Tzanakakis and Mr. Alex Kirpiy.

The aim of the seminar in both cities was to present the customers the Ion Torrent Sequencing and AmpliSeq Technology with automatized platform that includes Ion Chef and Ion S5.

Many visitors from different institutions involved in molecular diagnostics, microbiology, oncology, veterinary and reproductive medicine attented the event.  At the end of the one day seminar, our customers came out very satisfied and richer with knowledge of: Ion Torrent solutions for Microbiology and Infectious Disease Research, Human Genetics and Reproductive Genomics, Inherited Diseases Panels, PGS, Exome sequencing, as well as targeted sequencing, Oncomine portfolio, cfDNA Lung assays and Liquid Biopsy.

We believe that the seminar has successfully introduced the customers with possibilities of new Ion Torrent technology in the field of molecular diagnostics and research and will result in the new projects with prospective customers and improve cooperation with present ones.

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